Friday, 15 July 2011


I rarely (if ever) post up anything not directly work related up here on this blog, but well if you're one of my more regular clients, then some time throughout the past year, you'll have missed me via phone call or email because I was at the dentist... Ha, I imagine some of you may have thought this was a porky.. I mean who goes to the dentist that much?!!, well as you can see from the above snaps me!

Over the past 16 months or so I've been on the long process of finally getting my teeth fixed
and my Dentist sent me the before and after pictures this week, now we've finished treatment.

As you can see from the "Before" pic I had a set of British gnashers that would put Austin Powers to shame, I mean look at that upper right one, what the hell's going on there?!

That was the first one we treated, my Dentist Fayaz, removed the tooth behind it, and using a contraption that fitted in my mouth like a gum shield, with a hook and an elastic band, that was able to lure the tooth down from way up in my mouth down to the correct position... I know, it's amazing what they can do with dentistry now?!

There were no veneers or crowns done throughout this period, all the above work was done with my own teeth, for twelve months or so we used various brace type contraptions and clear aligners (near invisible gum shields) to straighten and move my teeth in to the correct positions.

Look at them chompers now! The irony is that because i'm not used to giving it a big toothy smile, that er.. probably no one gets to see them anyway, still at least i'm not self-conscious about hiding them. Job done i'd say!

Just like to give a big thanks here to the Dentist/Genius Mastermind of this work Dr Fayaz Ladak and the girls who helped with the treatment Keeley and Sarah, and all at PR Jones & Associates for there time and hard work.

Also big thanks to all my clients for helping to pay for all this work, doesn't come cheap, so cheers for the work you've been putting my way.

Now i've done with the teeth, any takers for helping me with my breast augmentation procedure?!

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  1. You know what Bill, I've known you a long time, but I NEVER noticed your teeth as they were. Glad you're happy with your new gnashers.