Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Illustrations 2015-2016 Part1

Been a year since I posted anything on here, been busy with work (as you'll see) & I actually share my work on Twitter now far more... i'll also be joining Instagram in 2016 at some point... & maybe raplace this with a Tumblr blog.

Tough year 2015, lot of magazines folding & I had the small matter of losing the sight in my right eye to contend with, regardless here's a fraction of the best stuff I drew in 2015/early 2016... I can say I am truly indebted to the art directors that continue to keep faith with me & my work!

I'll not waffle on, this blog is about pictures after all, this is just Part 1, i'll post second selection later in week! Like I say busy year....

Caveman Lifestyle, Men's Fitness.

Men's Fitness Guide to commuting, Men's Fitness.

Daredevil Exercise, Men's Fitness.

Louise Hazel Exercise Guide, Men's Fitness.

Jon Snow Exercises, Men's Fitness.

Thor's Guide to Fitness, Mens Fitness.
Rick Grimes Walking Dead Fitness, Men's Fitness.

Selection of Tweet Science Illustrations Series, Men's Fitness.

Mad Science, Men's Fitness

Jeremy Corbyn Paper Doll, Heat magazine.

Keep up with the Kardashians Boardgame, Heat magazine.

Ultimate movie Car, Empire magazine.


The Dude's Wardobe, Empire Magazine.

Movie Guide to Shrinking, Empire magazine.

The Walking Dead Guide to Weapons, Empire Magazine.

Empire Man & Woman of 2015, Empire magazine.

Empire Red Carpet Drinking Game, Empire magazine.