Tuesday, 26 July 2011


If you entered the 80's Last Supper competition, then your prize pack should have found it's way to you either yesterday or today via the postman... hopefully you Art Directors out there are not above a good bribe for extra work!

It became an epic undertaking just to get the print quality I was after on some of the items, in the end the printers at Carter & Jackson did a great job, they are the firm that have printed all my stuff in the past, but I just had to wait until they got a new machine in to tackle this job... and they came up trumps again!

One of the items in the bundle was the Harry and the Hendersons cut-out toy above, if you got one, I'd recommend making the slits for the arms a little longer than the white line, otherwise you won't be able to fit the hands through properly.

Here's a little fun we had with the toy at the McConkey House at the weekend... this was a joint McConkey artwork, the image above was created by Bethany McConkey, Matty McConkey and Uncle Bill.

As you can see we've customized our Harry's, the one on the left with yellow crown is called "Beario" and was created by young Matty, the middle one with the blue hat is called "Squario" made by Uncle Bill, the one on the right sporting the 3D glasses called "Hairio" was created by Bethany.

The babies were supplied by Bethany and put on a green screen (like they do in films) and we added the background with computer graphics!

You can see quite clearly in this illustration the Harry's are in a forrest teaching Babies.. I mean who else is going to do it?! Either that or this is a very odd nativity scene.

If you're a client and you want to play along, send me your photos of your Harry doing something with a story or caption.

To everyone that got a prize pack, thanks for playing along, and enjoy the prizes!

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