Friday, 8 July 2011

Jobs Round Up!

Here's another selection of jobs that have seen print over the last few weeks or so, above is a cover for Insurance Age magazine.

The brief was this; have all the trademark characters from the most famous insurance companies, like Direct Line, Go Compare, Admiral, Compare the Market, and Churchill's looking a bit beaten up, with a two finger salute in the foreground.. this coming from the smaller independent insurance firms, or arguably it could be coming from everyone in this country that has to sit through their God awful adverts.

I think if i'd ever suggested putting a two fingers up on the cover, I can imagine a look of disgust appearing on most art director's faces, fortunately Iain Winfield (Formerly of Accountancy Age!) who art directed this and came up with the idea, is a ballsy fella, and is not afraid to come up with something that may stir up a bit of a reaction.

I'd argue perhaps that this is more tongue in cheek, and done with a good deal of humor as opposed to being straight out confrontational... it's something I wish other magazines would take on board. Where's that satirical bite we British made famous?!

Here's an interior illustration for Financial Director magazine, this was commissioned by the Editor Gavin Hinks, who i'd also worked for on Accountancy Age.

I can't remember what the actual article was about, but I was hired to create the illo above, legs walking away from a rather tarnished crown, as though it's just been stood dropped and stood on.

This was a quick one, and I remember being a little anxious about the perspective/viewpoint, and the fact that this was a very different kind of drawing from what I usually get, which is in most cases built around some kind of portraiture... in the end though I was pretty happy with the results.

This above image proved to be very taxing for both me and the Art Director, it was an infographic based image on the subject of a new targeting system on an Apache Helicopter, this saw print in Nuts magazine.

I'm not sure what threw me most on this job, whether it be the fact that I was at the time completely overworked, or in this case I had issues with the composition, which had been laid out by the Art Director Simon Freeborough.

I've worked to other people's compositions (Simon included) before and not had too many problems, it's just on this one, I had problems making the rocket work... also I completely overworked the original drawing.. perhaps it was a case of being tired on my part, and having to work in a more formal style with this kind of stuff.

Still after all the teething problems we had originally, upon seeing this in print I couldn't actually see what all the fuss was about on my side, it looked perfectly fine on the page, and I think it's all brought together because of the circular motif Simon used on the final image, my hat goes off to Mr Freeborough for bringing it altogether in the end.

That's it for now, more images coming this way soon!

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