Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bacon Predator vs Alien Kipper

So here's another 'Snack Off' illustration for Men's Health UK, the Art Editor of the title Rob Milton came to me with possibly the most 'out there' concept of the series so far, email went something like this; "So we were thinking of Bacon Predator vs Alien Kipper?"

My initial response was "What the?! How am I going to draw a Predator made out of Bacon?!!"
As it turns out I now think Rob is perhaps a Genius! Both for coming up with the concept and believing that I could draw such a thing.

Above are both the Bacon vs Kipper illo and also just the Bacon Predator by itself in all it's greasy glory.

I happen to think that while only a small illustration, that the Bacon Predator features some of my finest drawing of the year and certainly the best in this series so far.


  1. Although the bacon predator is undoubtedly genius, my favourite of the two is the mackerel alien. I love his strangeness and slightly simple expression.

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