Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World Cup Wonders

The whole world's gone World Cup crazy and I thought i'd get in on the act too, so to celebrate I've created a limited edition set of football cards as a mail out to clients.
It's proved quite difficult to complete these, they were initially going to be sent out a week prior to the opening ceromonies, however more and more jobs cropped up and they didn't see print until the actual opening game, they were sent out the following day and should have found their way into the hands of art directors up and down the land on the Monday/Tuesday just gone.
Hopefully all the designs speak for themselves, at the top are a handful of the printed cards in their sleeves, the way they will have greeted any art director fortunate to receive a set.
These cards are very much a throwback to my own childhood, collecting footbal stickers and a particular influence of note being the Garbage Pail Kids cards of the 80's, if I'd have had more time I would have liked to have produced a lot more of these cards, perhaps with the backs combining together to make one big image..maybe next time!
If you're an art director and haven't received a pack of cards, then get in touch and let me know, although I should warn you that numbers are already dwindling!

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