Thursday, 22 July 2010

Accountancy Age Cover 2!

Sorry haven't had time to post up anything in a while, but if i'm not putting things up that means I'm too busy actually making the images to post up, after a hectic couple of weeks you can expect an update-a-rama, just as soon as the various things i've been working on see print!

Above is the latest cover for Accountancy Age which I completed it over the weekend and sent it in on Monday, having got the brief on the Thursday afternoon and it was in print as of yesterday (Wednesday)

This one was ably art directed by Dan Parker.

Strange one this in that it should have been a simple one, the brief was: "Can we have two versions of the same fella outside the Royal Courts of Justice; One looking smug and pleased with himslf and the other looking glum and downbeat"

Easy, right? Well I struggled with it... it took me ages re-drawing the glum fella on the right, messing about with different positions and faces, in the end I went for something far more simpler, which is exactly what I should have done in the first place.. in fact the fella on the right was completely drawn from scratch and added a couple of hours before I sent the final! But i'm glad I re-drew him as he wasn't working at all in the original..maybe a case of me trying to be too clever!

Goes to show you; Ask me to draw a man sprouting ornate psychadelic butterfly wings or a Predator made out of bacon, and that's easy! This needed a far more restrained and subtle approach.. and I can tell you I was sweating a little bit there for a while... but we got there in the end!

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