Friday, 15 January 2010

Men's Health Ire-phone

This is a recent job for Men's Health UK, who i've been working with over the last 7/8 months, the art department fellas there always comes up with great ideas for images. So it has been a dream job really... you'll not here me say that often!

The idea behind this is that Apple create a new phone, the Ire-phone created to be a celebration of all things Irish..a portable St.Patricks day if you will! Along with doing all your basic phone stuff, it makes a great pint of Guiness, tell jokes, and can generally do any number of odd and outlandish things; hence the chainsaw etc..

This was a real fun illo to do, mainly because I am generally hired for my figurative work so it was a welcomed change of pace to do something out of the norm, also had a great time put all those apps icons on screen; I'm not sure what happens when you press the leprechaun button!

Wouldn't it be nice if such a thing existed; a phone that could pull you a pint on a warm day, now that's what I call a technological breakthrough.

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