Thursday, 14 January 2010

Hey there World!

Hi there everyone, well as you can see i've finally got around to creating a blog, which I dare say is long overdue.
Expect to find plenty of illustrations here, but first of all seeing as I haven't had time to post any pics up on my website with regards to the Wellcome Image Award I picked up in October 2009 then this seems the ideal place to show them.
Wellcome Images (which is part of the Wellcome Trust) is a medical image library, which just so happens to have a few of my images on file, and I was delighted and a little surprised when they informed me in 2009 that my work had been selected for a award.
What was more surprising is that this was the first year that the category of illustration had been I was doubly thrilled, not only to be nominated but to win too!
The big and rather fancy awards ceremony was held at the Wellcome Trust down in London Town, I was accompanied by long time friend and chief troublemaker Mr Steven Blunt, who when not eating canopies was in charge of photographing the shenanigans.
The picture show me collecting the award from none other than nice lady off the TV Dr Alice Roberts, she then proceeded to interview me in front of a live audience about said image, never been more scared in my life!
The other picture shows me with the award in front of the winning image, this had to be taken the next day, as I seemed to forget to do this on the big day.. must have been all that free wine!
The most alarming thing believe it or not, but Steve has a degree in photography! Again I blame the free wine for these blurry snapshots.
That's it for now, i'll make my next blog a bit more up to date and with some illos.




  1. Hey don't blame me for the photographs I was otherwise engaged !! And as for the photography degree well thats been forgotton about ! I'm a Doctor these days !! Keep up the good work Bill.

  2. Nice one Bill! As I was walking around the exhibition I felt a growing sense of pride that my old uni house mate was displayed (and indeed deserved his place) amoungst so many fantastic images. You deserved to win too, the other illustrations were good, but I think they lacked the warmth and soul that you put into your images. Good work!