Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kaleidoscope is Coming!

My long in development promotional booklet 'Kaleidoscope' is now finally on the way to being finished.

The 10 page glossy brochure collects together over 30 of my best unpublished self-promotional drawings produced mainly over the last 12 months and will have a initial print run of 200, these will then be making there way into the hands of not only art directors I already work with, but also to those whom I wish to work with throughout 2010.

The whole production of the book has been a massive undertaking, something I've likened to creating a album, in that you want only your very best to make the final collection, and of course there should be a coherence about the thing as a whole.

The image above is a sneak peek of the cover, I wanted something elaborate and dense, which let's face it runs contrary to what is seen as good design, particularly for a cover, the picture is really a celebration of not only things I like to draw, but also has a definite 80's kitch undercurrent... if this image boggles your eyes then it has done its job.

There will be more about Kaleidoscope here once it finally sees print.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work Bill, the guy above the first 'o' in kaleidoscope looks a bit like you.