Friday, 2 May 2014

Breaking Bad

Hi there, so this is the first of what will be a few catch up posts over the next few weeks... i've even got work dating back from late last year that needs posting up!

Above and below was one of my last jobs for Nuts magazine. The magazine which has been a real champion of my work over the past few years printed it's final issue this week... i'll be writing further about the magazine in a later post.

Anyway they were able to give me this real beauty of a job before the magazine closed it's doors.

In between putting together my book, and producing drawings for a variety of magazines, I have been creating some very basic GIF animations.

A lot of my work is animated by designers or utilized in some other way for digital editions.. I think I am fortunate that I work in such a way in layers that it allows for this kind of thing to work very well... the above is the first of what will probably be many!

So the illustration was for a feature titled 'The Greatest TV Shows Ever', Nitish the Art Editor at the magazine simply told me what he wanted; Walter White on the GOT throne watching a TV with Brian from Family Guy... Dream brief really, does exactly what is says on the tin! I should point out i'm a relatively new fan to the show, ive been slowly making my way through the boxsets, currently on series 4 at the time of writing.

I think the image has some of my best inking in many a year... probably because there's so much dark ink on display, also the muted color scheme helps show it off. The image above is without the TV and Brian, which I think works well as it's own image.

Drawing Walt/Heisenberg isn't new ground for me, I did these as little tester images before the New Year for a technique that imitates an old etched feel.

I was just practicing with certain effects, and these were the results, in a moment of synchronicity I got an email from an owner of one of my prints asking me if I had anything Breaking Bad related and I sent her these to take a look at... She immediately ordered one!

These can be bought on the UK Ebay site, my printer did a little batch that he is selling through his online shop, they come in a really rather large A2 size in both the red and blue... just punch my name into the Ebay search engine, and it should come up with a hit for these.

I'll dig out the link, and put it here later.

That is it for now, another post to follow soon!

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