Monday, 24 March 2014

Celebrity Kama Sutra, The Greatest Hits!

First of all apologies to long time followers of this blog, it has been completely neglected this year thus far, I promise it was never my intention, I have had an abundance of jobs and personal works taking up
all my time.

The big project being my third volume of Kaleidoscope, which I can say with huge relief is nearly ready to take to the printers, it's been perhaps the largest thing I have ever undertaken, as this time around it will be in book format and collects together my best stuff over the past 5 years... it's also full of my views and is part biography too!

I have been threatening to post up a bumper collection of the Celebrity Kama Sutra series I have been drawing these past few years for the great Nuts magazine, so here you go, the wait is over!

These are actually pages from Kaleidoscope, I have organized the celebs into categories; Football Stars, British Television, Music, Hollywood, Repeat Offenders, and a few sub categories: standing up, politicians and sitting down.

Ha, no need to go into any great explanations here, they are what they are, really fun drawings, but I do recommend clicking on each pic to see them more close up.

Now I have not drawn a Kama Sutra for the mag for a number of weeks, and my once weekly slot has dwindled to sporadic appearances, as such the series may in fact be finished, if so this post and my book will be one hell of a send off (these take up about 8 pages in the book!)

I'd like to thank the whole team at Nuts for giving me the opportunity to produce such a large and always fun body of work, above are only my faves, we actually reached the landmark of over a 100 drawings a few months ago!

To think when the AD Simon Freeborough suggested the whole concept to me years ago about a regular sex position drawing, I was somewhat apprehensive, for a start I had never drawn anything vaguely naughty in my career, also on a logistical front I imagined we'd be stuck for positions after the first three illustrations...Ha, prior to drawing these I believed there to be only three positions! Turned out to a real eye-opener! Also, maybe not surprisingly in the times we live in we were rarely short of tabloid fodder to draw too.

If the series has now come to an end; big thanks must go to Simon, Barney, Nitish and James at the mag for giving me such great things to draw, and giving me a great deal of freedom it has to be said on who and how we would draw these.

I've already witnessed a certain amount of snobbery and snootiness with regards to these pics, as though they are somehow lesser than the work I would draw for other clients like The Guardian, etc, personally I am as proud of these as anything I have ever done.

Next post will be a round up of some of the many drawings I have done since New Year, this will be followed up by a giant posting on Kaleidoscope: The Book!

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