Friday, 11 November 2011

Beards & Rude Stuff!

So here we go, late as usual, but as promised more recently printed illos, the above set of images are very much of the moment, this being "Movember" (if you don't know what Movember is then google it!)

Anyway Graeme Sapsed got in touch at Men's Health, to ask whether I fancied this nice little job of illustrating different varieties of facial fuzz, now I'd already in mind to do draw something similar as a personal piece, another one of those images that's on my already massive 'to-do' list of illos, so as you can imagine I was delighted to actually be assigned this job, and obviously getting paid for it doesn't hurt either.

Graeme very kindly sent over sketches (bottom) for me to interpret.. sometimes more difficult than you think this, as all art can be interpreted different ways, still I cracked on with it over a weekend, and here's what I came up with.

I'm not sure they're 100% what Graeme asked for, as I think he maybe wanted them to look more like Victorian drawings or etchings, whereas I think mine have a slight vintage feel to them, but generally have a modernity to them, regardless as a set of illos I'm actually really quite happy with them... and i'm very critical of my stuff.

Top are the drawings as I sent them to MH, and below that are the illustrations laid out in the magazine, lovely page design by Graeme I think on this.

More illustrations for Nuts, in the regular feature of Celebrity Karma Sutra, really is a great job this, I always look forward to who we'll draw next, and the fellas at Nuts always try and keep our "victims" as topical as possible, so be warned celebrities if you're in the papers for getting up to no good with someone you shouldn't, then know this you'll be the next one to be drawn in a compromising position.

Some of these drawings go back a couple of months, first up is the Guvernator himself Arnie, and below is Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, I think this position was titled "The Berlusconi Bung Bunga", yeah that's right each drawing comes with a position name. Genius!

Mike Tindall here, getting up to some funny business, and fellow sportsman Phil Taylor scoring a bullseye so to speak.

Rio Ferdinand and Ashton Kutcher, maybe insert your own double entendres here.

Finally, Danny Cipriani, with tales of his recent tryst with Katie Price was next on the hitlist, and of course last but by know means least X Factor's Frankie Cocozza up to some shenanigans with a girl that curiously resembles the red head from Geordie Shore.

Always nice to finish on a high, I think the Frankie one is the best of the bunch so far... I was also very pleased to see in Nuts landmark 400th issue that these Celebrity Karma Sutra illos had made the magazines "50 best moments of Nuts" feature coming in at a respectable No.46 on the list...Yay!!

So there you lots of beards and boobs, some illustrators get all the luck!

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