Friday, 28 October 2011

More FD Spots!

Plenty of new illustrations completed, but I seem to have very little time to post these things up, hopefully i'll have this weekend off and i'll be able to some catch up postings.

To kick things off i'd thought i'd start with these recent spot illos for Financial Director magazine, as i've said before I absolutely love spots, you see people have all different kinds of views on what illustration is and should be, and everyone has their own skill set to match; for me it's all about ideas and concepts, always has been, always will be.

I'm an ideas man, what I love is getting an article through from a client and being asked to come up with an image that illustrates the point of article, and to do this with an interesting concept rather than a ho-hum scene.

With a spot illustration, you have to strip back even further so it's all about a great idea, simply because it's printed so small... the idea needs to speak even more loudly.

The top one is about the troubles with the Euro, I don't have to say too much the picture does the speaking on this.

The one underneath is about how technology continues to improve the world of business, or something along those ideas, an Ipad on wheels was originally suggested, which I duly illustrated from a variety of angles, and I threw this idea in on a whim, Richard Crump the AD on these ran with that, which was both cool and a bit of a surprise, as I thought he'd prefer one of the wheeled options I sent over.

Top illo is about the company TT electronics, and how it utilized some of the smaller companies and acquisitions under it's banner to strengthen the company.

One underneath is about an FD and a whole lot of airmiles.

Top illo is about the Cosworth car company, and how it's adaptive nature has seen them go from strength to strength, a chameleon made out of a car I suggested, and luckily for me Richard let me go with it, I actually really like that image!

The bottom one is about the decline of the service industry, this is not the first time i've drawn a waiter; they always turn out like Alfred the Butler from the Batman comics!

Top one is about the fear of public speaking, something I know only too well, i'm quiet and an introvert by nature, so nothing fills me with dread as much as either being the centre of attention, or indeed having to speak publicly, here's a microphone re-imagined as the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.. probably something profoundly psychological about that image and it's relation to me.

Bottom one is about the UK Government trying to find someway tax us on our computers, yeah 'cos we're not taxed enough as it is!

Right, that's it for now i'll put up further new stuff over the next couple of days.

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