Tuesday, 31 May 2011

80's Movie Classics Last Supper

Usually in February/March/April i've already sent out my mail outs to existing and prospective clients, last year that was my 20 page booklet Kaleidoscope, and I had every intention of producing a second volume for this year, however since before Christmas up until now I've been too busy with actual jobs, in fact almost with a guarantee every time I've tried to start this booklet I've had an email or a phone call from a client.

Anyway here's a fun mail out postcard I've managed to fit in between jobs and over the last week or so when i've had my first real break... this should now be hitting the postboxes of Art Directors up and down the land.

This as you can hopefully see is an 80's movie themed tribute to Da Vinci's Last Supper, i'm inviting anyone who got hold of the card to tell me the films that each of the characters appear in and they'll get a prize... also bonus points for anyone who can name the film posters in the background, some of those are a bit tricky!

There's sixteen characters at the tables see if you can name all the films.

I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the quality of print on these when they came back from the printers, the card is a little more gaudier and grainier than I would have liked, above is how the artwork should have been printed... i'll be more vigilant in the future when it comes to printing matters... all things aside, they are adequate, just not the quality I demand.

You'll notice on the artwork above that I've put a little copyright stamp at the bottom, usually I don't feel a need to do this, but this is one of those images that goes walk-about online, and then it ends up on all manner of websites etc that I haven't given the thumbs up to; I don't mind if you're a client or you're writing something about my work, but i'm not cool with it just being used and abused randomly, which i've seen with one of my images.

Anyway not to dwell on negatives, the second volume of Kaleidoscope I have every intention of seeing in print either by the end of this year/early next; production values will be raised, the booklet will be bigger and I'll have 18 months of stuff to put in there.

In the meantime I have a lot more of these mailouts planned... keep your eyes on the mailbox!


  1. Characters:
    1 Hoggle (Laberynt)
    2 Harry (Bigfoot y los Henderson)
    3 Beetle Juice (Beetle Juice)
    4 #5 (Short Circuit)
    5 Marty McFly (Back the future)
    6 Bad Gremlins (Gremlins)
    7 Mr Miyagi (Karate Kid)
    8 ET (E.T. El extraterrestre)
    9 Alex Murphy (Robocop)
    10 Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
    11 Ectoplasm (Ghost Busters)*at least in Spain
    12 The emperor Ming (Flash Gordon)
    13 Scott Howard (Teenwolf)
    14 Sloth (The goonies)
    15 Willow (Idem)
    16 Batteries not included

    In the door frame Yoda (Star Wars)


    A Crocodile Dundee
    B Howard the Duck
    C The Golden Child
    D The Lost Boys
    E The Terminator
    F Coming to America
    G The Critters
    H Big Trouble in Little China

    1. I need to have a copy of this!!! Anyway to get a poster size of this, I am a product of the 80s and absolutely love this! Nice work!!!

  2. Seem to be getting a large response on this illustration of recent, anyway thanks to all those that have been in touch, glad you like the image. I can confirm that the answers above are all correct.

  3. Thanks Robrings, most appreciated. More 80's themed illustrations will be put on this blog shortly.

  4. Bill, I'd love to have a copy of this in original format so that I could print it as a poster for my basement. Could we negotiate a price?


  5. Bill - I too would love a large copy of this. How do I go about ordering one?

    1. Hi Sara, I would refer anyone wanting to purchase a print of this illustration to view the post "Last Supper Prints Available' dated June 2012 for all relevant info about acquiring a copy.

  6. I'm wondering about the food on the table. I can relate the Dunkin Donuts back to the 80s with the, "Time to make the donuts," commercials, and other than pizza being associated with Ninja Turtles, I can't make any more connections. Or am I trying too hard? :)

  7. I would love to print this to canvas. Any opportunity to buy a high res copy? Or the print-to-canvas mailed my way?

  8. Bill,
    Can't find a way to get in touch with you, but I'd like to buy this and put it on my wall! So either I buy a digital version licensed for my own personal noncommercial use, or you ship me a print... Can we arrange something?

  9. Hi there Chris,

    Again I refer anyone wanting a print to view the post "Last Supper Prints Available" dated June 2012.
    Alternatively, you can find the link to my email address top right of this page; "My Website" go to the tab at the bottom of the website that says "About Bill" and there is my email.
    If anyone is struggling to get through, then let me know here, but as I am regularly getting emails via this source it seems to be working okay.

    I do not sell a digital version.


  10. Un buen gusto increible! Enhorabuena!

  11. Con tu permiso mi portada de facebook encabeza tu ilustraciĆ³n!