Friday, 29 April 2011

Quick One's

I've been incredibly busy this past month, not that i'm complaining.. it's always the way for illustrator's, where either overworked or sat around twiddling our thumbs.

Above are some rather quick illos that have seen print over the past few weeks.

At the top is a cover for Accountancy Age, I'm not exactly sure what the article is about; the brief was to show a business type walking into a airport departure lounge, with his back to us and on his bag he has one of those airport label/stickers they put on your luggage with the words; 'Wish you weren't here'.

There are something's i'm generally not keen on drawing, one of those is the back of people's heads, in some cases you have no option, but I always try and give a 3/4 view , just so I catch some of the eyeline and cheekbone... reason I'm not keen is that by taking away the face, it's hard to invest the back of someone's head with any sense of character, alas because I wanted that perspective for this illo, just so it draws the eye in, I went for a flat back of head shot.

You'll notice i've stuck a plane in there, just so you know it's an Airport.. i'm subtle like that.

This image was art directed by the great Dan Parker at AA, I was saddened to hear that this would be my last cover for the title as this issue would be the last print edition, it's unfortunate also because i'd had to turn down two really cool covers prior on the grounds of my work schedule... they'll be remembered as the two that got away!

On a more positive note I was honored to be asked to provide the final cover, and hopefully i'll work with the AA fellas; Dan, Iain and Gavin on other things at Incisive Media... they've been great clients over the past 12 months or so!

That brief was sent on a Friday evening, and the final was sent in on the Monday, with some changes made for the following day.

The two illustrations below are for a feature that ran in Nuts magazine; about the tallest buildings in the world.

The top image, is the main feature artwork; Big Ben, Empire State Building, along with the new Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, The Shard in London etc.. and the biggest being 'The Mile High Tower' that is under development in Kuwait.

The bottom image is an insert for the feature.

Simon Freeborough AD at the magazine asked me on the Wednesday evening if I could fit this image in (deadline being Friday) at the time I was up to my eyeballs in other deadlines, luckily because he'd already set out the layout and scaling (final feature has a measurement guide on the right hand side) it was a case of me just providing a tidy drawing.

I got up early the next day and the artwork was created by that afternoon.

Now I actually like the simplicity of the drawing, in fact I have a leaning sometimes to my more info-based imagery, however my brother on seeing it said; "That can't have taken too much work".. The cheek! I can assure you while this image may be quite simple to look at, it proved tricky in areas (all those windows, making things readable etc) not helped because of the mountain of other work I was doing at the same time.

Luckily I think Simon and the fine folks at Nuts appreciated the work i'd put in on this, and in under 24 hours no less!

That's it for now, i'm waiting until other images see print before I post them up; one's a real beauty though, but more on that when it hits the shops.. right back to work!

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