Friday, 19 March 2010

Snack Off!

Here are just a few of some spot illustrations I've been producing for a section called 'Snack Off' in Men's Health UK.
The idea is simple (but the best ones always are!) each month two different items of food are compared on a nutritional level to see which is best for, this is illustrated in the food going head to head Rocky style as seen above.
These are some of images I think work best out of the early boxing one in the series; Chicken vs Beef, Pork vs Chicken & Pasta vs Potato.
The last few I've been working on have gone on to embrace things like Martial Arts and Wrestling, so expect to see Kung Fu Fish and various other wacky things posted here in the future.
Just a quick note here about spot illustrations; a spot illustration is something I would describe as being not much more than 100mm by 100mm, and personally I love them! The reasons being that they generally don't take up too much time, but mainly because the drawing and in particular the concept really have to work on a more immediate level, of course the downside is that a fee for a one off spot illo is a lot lower than for a half-page and above sized image, but I for one could quite happily fill my days doing lots of these small conceptual pieces.


  1. Hi Bill, more outstanding work! I know what you mean about working on small pieces. You can finish them quickly, before you start to risk getting bogged down by details. I'm glad to see that you've got a steady stream of work from some of the best known magazines out there. Long may it continue.

    I've been watching for your icon to appear on my blogs followers gadget, but there's still a Bill shaped hole. Don't make me come up there, I've still got Clive the baseball bat you know. It wouldn't take much to change it's name to Billy.

  2. Ps. Your Pasta Guy looks like he might be related to the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Are you a secret Pastafarian?