Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Latest Men's Health Illustration

Here is the latest illustration for the 'Knowledge' section in the UK edition of Men's Health; the idea behind the article is that while this fella puts in a bit of overtime at work his girlfriend imagines that his office is something more akin to a Hip Hop video, with the female contingent of the office trying to catch his eye.
Thought I'd show you the rough I sent to the Art Director for this, now this is a 'tight' rough, which is not something I usually do, my roughs are usually a quite loose biro drawing that I do on lined paper, I then blow this up and tidy and send to the art director.. this is because I don't like to get too precious with the drawing at such an early stage: idea and composition are the integral things at this time.
This was an exception to my usual work practice, mainly because everything was pretty much set in stone, and I needed to make sure I fitted al the elements into place.
Rough was worked up in Photoshop from a initial sketch on paper which I seem to have mislaid amongst the clutter, this drawing was approved and I went on to finish, re-inking and colouring in Photoshop...all in a turn around on this job of a couple of days.

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