Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Harry & the Hendersons Print Now for Sale!

So another super busy month with magazine illustrations, rather than jump straight into another great big job round up post (that'll come in the next couple of week!) I thought I would post this up, one of my personal pieces produced not just for me, but I suppose for the fans of my other 80's themed images.

Above is my painting of Harry, from classic 80's Ambin movie Harry and the Hendersons, sometimes known as Bigfoot & the Hendersons.

I've had many forays into digital painting, but it's something that has taken a backseat, because it's drawing rather than paintings that my commercial clients want, I thought Harry would make a good choice for the first of a planned series of oversized 80's themed painted portraits.... that is if I every get around to doing the others! Things have been hectic here at McConkey Studios!

The top image is the original, and the bottom two are photos of the giclee print made from the original file (they came out very faithful to the top one, you'll have to forgive the quick snaps)

This print is now available for purchase on request.

The images comes in these ways:

Giant sized A2 Giclee (best print money can buy!) on archival fine art paper that's a width of 420mm by 594mm height, which is 16.53 inches by 23.39 inches, this is the largest and most expensive print, the price is £50 to the UK market and £65 overseas.

Second print is the A3 Giclee on archival fine art paper, same quality as above, but smaller and measures 297mm (width) by 420mm (height), which is 11.69 by 16.53 inches, the prices are £40 to the UK and £50 overseas.

There are also two poster prints available:

A2 Vinyl banner print (see A2 giclee for sizes) at £20 in UK and £30 overseas.

A3 (see A3 Giclee for sizes) at £8 in the UK and £20 for overseas, this comes with another poster print thrown in.

If you'd like to own a print, then drop me an email, my address is at the top of this page in the banner, or alternatively click on the website link, which also lists my contact details.

* Just a note here, if you are going to repost this image elsewhere, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Pinterest or whatever, I have no issue with that, but if you could kindly attribute and acknowledge me as the creator and this site as the original source, that way should anyone see the image and want a print, they know where to come.

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