Thursday, 5 September 2013

Framed Prints for Sale!

I am pleased to announce that I have recently struck a deal with a gallery, who are now selling signed and framed prints of some of my more in demand artworks... not only that, but these images are coming in previously unheard of large format sizes!

As has been previously stated on this blog, there's been a constant demand from people all over the world asking me about prints of my work (mainly for the 80's Last Supper!) So much so that it's been at times like an extra business on top of my usual day to day drawing for magazines tomfoolery!

I've always considered myself a dyed in the wool illustrator creating work for print purposes, so it's been a huge surprise to me that people think enough of my work that they want to live with it on their walls.

Anyways to cut a long story short, the firm that handles all the printing of my giclee's, a family run gallery/shop/framers called Pomfret Gallery recently asked me whether i'd considered selling framed editions... a deal was struck that they would create, what are in my view premier editions of some of my more popular works.

The images come in sizes bigger than previous prints, and they've been tastefully framed, in fact on the framing side of things they've done an exquisite job, a case of no expense spared!

Above are 'Robots & Aliens' and 'The 80's Last Supper', what doesn't come across is scale in these pics, the Last Supper is only a few cm's larger than the original print (see Last Supper Prints for Sale post) however this new Robots and Aliens is maybe double the size of the original, i'm not sure at this point what the measurements are but it's certainly larger than A2 (420mm x 594mm) it really is a substantial image now.

Along with the drawn stuff i've made my name with in the illustration racket these past few years, they've released prints of a couple of my older works, these were created back in the day, when I used to use paint, collage, photography to create my work... alas I was before my time, I think this way of image-making was seen as too "arty" for the commercial world of illustration, however they've aged particularly well, and in their way stand up as pieces of fine art... certainly look stunning up in the gallery space.

So if for example you want an already framed and mounted Last Supper on your wall as opposed to buying just the print from me, then Pomfret Gallery is where to get it from exclusively.

Check out their site here for a full price list and contact details, certainly if you are buying online be sure to ask about the sizes of these, and shipping costs... I should point out at this point that these really are the premier editions of these prints, and they've been priced accordingly with the money spent on framing etc.. in other words you spend extra for the quality!

NB: If you are wanting just prints of the artwork then it's business as usual, just contact me directly via the email listed in the header of this page, but if you want that pre-framed premier edition contact the team at Pomfret Gallery via the link above.

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