Friday, 10 May 2013

Satisfied Customers!

I've been threatening to put up snaps of some of the prints that have been sold over the last 12 months and their owners for a while, so here we go just a handful to get started.

The whole business of selling prints is not something I ever really entertained until last year, and it all came about after the 80's Last Supper kind of went crazy on the ol' interwebs, and I was getting several emails a day to ask if there was a print available.

Since then the selling of prints of has become a huge new avenue for my work, which has completely taken me by surprise!... and what a lovely surprise too, it's very flattering that people think enough of my images that they want to put them up in their homes and live with them.

Above is a snap of the lady that started it all off (my first customer I think..could be wrong!) this is Sara Miller from the US with the poster edition of the Last Supper print, below is her hubby with a Bill Murray print.

My biggest seller is the Last Supper giclee print, followed by the poster edition of that image, then it's the Bill Murray image, but I am now getting requests for other images like Robots and Aliens, which makes a sensational giclee print (see another post with that image!)

Above is fellow Brit Pete Robertshaw with a freshly unwrapped Last Supper giclee, as you can see he's given it the thumbs up.

Finally a framed image, here's a cute Bill Murray print which found a new home with David Ludwig of the good ol' United States. Lovely framing too, don't you think?!... very nice!

Here's a snap of the lovely Samantha Alondra Ortiz of California, who is now a proud new owner of an 80's Last Supper giclee print, here's a snap she took with her complimentary goody bag, which is something I send out to all giclee owners.

There's actually quite a growing number of people around the world now that own various prints... although the majority of my prints thus far it has to be said have been sold to California (they've got great taste!) I ask two things of these print owners, the first is to give the artwork a lovely new home secondly if they have time to send me a snap of either the artwork in it's new surroundings or themselves with the print.... so if you are an owner then please send me a snap, and i'll put it up here!

If you'd like to own your own print, then get in touch, my email can be found on my website under the new/about me section.

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