Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MacUser Interview!

So just come off another busy spell, and crossed fingers i've got a break today, which gives me just enough time to sneak this little post in!

So at the end of last year I was approached by MacUser magazine, to appear in the pratik/portfolio section of the title, this for those not familiar with the magazine, this is where they run a five page interview about a creative professional.

I was delighted and more than a little honored to be asked, knowing that i'd be in the company of many great illustrators that had appeared in the title down the years.

The issue that my interview appears hit the shops on the Friday and will be on sale probably for another fortnight, so if you like my work, and want to know what makes me tick, then have a wonder to your nearest shops, or alternatively there are digital editions to be downloaded.

I'll post up the interview in it's entirety no doubt, once the title has been taken off the shelves, although I do recommend buying the mag, as it does showcase some of my better works, some making their debuts in a printed magazine (Last Supper, Robots & Aliens, etc)

Anyway big thanks to the lovely Camille at the mag for inviting me to take part, and for later offering me some very nice commissions! Always nice to get to work with new people and Art Directors who's work you've admired for some time!

Lots of new stuff to post up, which i'll put here once they've all seen print, so until then maybe get buying that magazine!

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