Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Incisive Illustrations!

So here are some recent illustrations done for two magazines at Incisive Media... I say recent, but these were done a while back and i've only just posted them up, still as you all know by now i'm rather tardy at this kind of thing.

The top one was done for a supplement fold-out cover for Law Week (I think that's the title!) anyway I was asked by the Art Director to draw a portrait scene of some of Law's high flyers, I was provided with reference for each person and went about creating the drawing, sometimes trickier than they look these jobs... luckily I was working with a great AD on this, and someone who i've worked with on various titles at Incisive, so things ran pretty smoothly, just had to rearrange a few of the figures in the alterations department.

Bottom illustration was for the cover of Insurance Age, idea was to draw a carnival style shooting range, with selected items referring to bits in an article, again really enjoyable, as you can see I didn't hold back on the colours and went full-on technicolour on this.

I remember looking at first person shooter games for reference in this, like Call of Duty etc, and originally I had the gun less central, what you find in games like that is that the hands/gun are usually placed off centre, which is something you don't even realise when you are playing them, anyway for compositions sake I moved the thing in a more direct position, something i've learned over the years is a 'must' for covers.

Again with this I had the benefit of a great AD, a different fella from the one above, but again somone who knows his stuff and when and where to use my work... so there you go two separate covers, two separate magazines, two great Art Directors and one lovely publisher in Incisive, hopefully i'll continue to do some more stuff for these guys soon.

As an illustrator you find over time that it is actually publishers like this, who have to make somewhat dry material shine that offer some of the greatest briefs, and are some of the finest people you'll ever get to work with to boot.

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