Monday, 17 January 2011

15 Seconds of Fame!

So Andy Warhol reckons we'll all have our own 15 minutes of fame, well on Friday night I am thrilled to say that I had somewhere between 15 to 45 seconds (maybe longer!) of my alloted time!

I was minding my own business on a Friday night watching The Graham Norton Show, who's guests included; Matt Le Blanc, Mary Portas and David Mitchell, and when it came to the interview with David Mitchell, Graham Norton very kindly informed him he'd be voted one of Nuts Magazines 20 Greatest Blokes, now at this point my ears pricked up.

If you read the previous post then you'll know this is a recent feature I illustrated, anyway to cut a long story short Norton only goes and whips out a copy of the magazine, at this point I'm getting a little excited shouting "Go on show the illustration!" and as you can see from the pictures above he did exactly that.. that's right he only went flashed up my illustration to an audience of millions!! Ha, yeah, I was dumbstruck!

The clip can be found on Youtube here and the section with the Nuts illo starts around the 6 minute mark on this video... check it out, if not there's the snaps above to prove that it did happen and wasn't the product of my feverish mind!

I think if you watch Joey from Friends face you can see that he's absolutely blown away with the illustration, he has the look of awe and wonder that I imagine Renaissance people did upon the unveiling of the Sistine Chapel! No? Must be just me that saw that.

Above are snaps of Norton with the mag illustration and below that is a quick snap of the illustrations as it saw print.

Obviously now that i'm famous, i'm available for public appearances and autograph signings just get in touch with my PA to arrange something, i'll be in my trailer... next up I expect to be on QI, Mock the Week and sometime by the end of the year being interviewed by Jonathan Ross, obviously long term I intend to crack the American market, maybe a couple of Grammies, an Oscar or two..


  1. Have you still got time for a pint in York ?

  2. I saw thislast night, that's Bill! I said. The famous illustrator!