Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Zombie Mayhem!!

So here they are! Finally got around to putting up the Halloween Mask competition entrees.. I was a little disappointed with the turn out really, as it seemed I was going to be run amok with photos, as it turned out.. a lot of the AD's that were on board at the beginning of the week, didn't get around to sending in their pics! Tut, Tut..

Not to worry though, I got some work out of this promotion, which let's face it is the real point to me sending out the masks...I'd like to thank the people that did take part, and I hope you all enjoyed your goody bags. The picture above is the overall winner, this is actually my good friend Steve Blunt.. the original plan was that I would send a model of a decapitated head through the post, however this being Steve he'll be winning beer tokens instead which I've no doubt he'll spend on our upcoming outing in Bristol.

This is a photo of young Matty complete with Zombie pose, the dog behind "Evil Alfie" doesn't look too impressed!
A picture here of Bethany looking particularly scary even with the Mickey Mouse top!

This is the guys at Mac Format getting in on the act, this is a photo of Production Editor Tim taken by top Art Editor Alex Thomas, thanks for being good sports!

Finally, the one above and the two below are of super writer and genuinely good bloke John Freeman (thanks for the multiple entrees!); you may remember I worked with John on his book Sci-Fi Art Now, which has just come out in the shops! Here's Zombie John dusting.. obviously manically given the motion in this photo..
Zombie John tired of all that dusting settles down for a read of the newspaper, Zombie Times perhaps?!
Now I did say no photoshop, but well I really like this pic, here's a before and after (or after and before) of John Freeman.. I think this was what he looked like before he started the book and how he looked after all those months of hard work!

I've been busy of recent so expect another update of work and other stuff that's happening soon, also as i've said above my work has just seen print in a recently released book (see above) which i'll post something up about shortly!


  1. I recognise the dude at the top, to think I use to sleep in the room next door. shudder

  2. Can't wait for the Beer tokens.